How to do a Pinterest post

You will be posting at least 25 pins to the class Pinterest boards over the course of the semester. Here’s how that will work:

Step 1: Go to and log in to the class Pinterest account. The log-in email is (the password will be given in class). We will all share this account so don’t change the password please!

Step 2: Find the board you wish to add a Pin to. For example, if there was a concept in Wilson’s Adorned in Dreams that you wanted to illustrate, you’d go to the board that corresponds to the day we are discussing that reading (“Introductions, 1/29/15”). Take time to look at what has already been posted by your classmates, because your post must be original to receive credit.

Step 3: Once you’re inside the board, click on the square that says “Add a Pin.” Then either upload your own image or enter the URL of the website where you found the image. You will be shown thumbnails of all the images on that page. Mouse over the one you want and click the Pin It icon.

Step 3, Option B: If you don’t already have a specific URL in mind, you can use the search box within Pinterest to find an image that you want to add to the board. Once you see a Pin you’d like to “re-pin”, mouse over it and click the Pin It icon.

Step 4: Select the appropriate board from the drop down menu.

Step 5, the most important step: Edit the Description. You must describe what is depicted, as well as explain how it is relevant to the reading for that day. Your description must include the name(s) of the author(s) you are referencing, as well as the page numbers of the concepts or quotations you are making a connection to. Somewhere in your explanation should be at least one of the course keywords (#representation, #identity, #discipline, #resistance, #appropriation, and #transformation). Please #hashtag the keywords so they stand out. At the end of your caption, include your initials or first name so I can give you credit (if your initials are JB or NK, you’ll need to use your name or other identifier because we have multiples in our class.)

If you are having trouble posting to Pinterest, see if you can solve your issue using the help page. If the problem persists, let me know in class so we can figure it out (other people are probably having the same troubles). If for some reason you run into a technical glitch and it’s getting close to 4 pm on the day the pin is due, make sure to email me with a link to the image you wanted to use + the description you would have posted, so you can still receive credit. We’ll work together to figure out what the glitch was so you can get your pin posted eventually. You can earn up to 75 Pinterest points throughout the semester. Each Pin is worth 3 points; there is no partial credit. Check the Gradebook in our NYU Classes site to see how you are progressing toward your Pinterest total. Check with me if you think there is a discrepancy between the number of pins you have posted and the number of points you have received.


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